Mirrors for the Home

Wall Mirrors for the Home should be a part of every interior design and there are few rooms that would not be improved by a mirror. Mirrors are not only functional but also decorative. You might use a mirror to reflect light and make your space a brighter, more cheerful place or you may want to use it to reflect something lovely or just to add a little visual radiance to the room.

One of the biggest perks of using mirrors is that they can make your room look larger and more spacious. And, of course, you can even use a mirror for putting on your makeup, combing your hair, or checking to see if your hat is on straight!

Considerations When Choosing Wall Mirrors

Once you decide you want to add a mirror to a room the next question may be what type of frame? Some mirrors have no frames at all but most do and they are part of the allure of the mirror. Mirror frames come in many, many different styles and finishes.

Selecting a Wall Mirror Style

Mirrors come in all styles and some are no particular style. For instance, an unframed mirror could work in any style room. Very ornate style mirror frames work well in a Traditional style room or other elegant styles like Victorian or certain Old World room styles. A simple picture frame will be most appropriate in a casual style room such as country, cottage, contemporary, or coastal.

Take your queue from your furniture style. Traditional, Old World, Victorian, style furniture such as Georgian, Queen Anne, and Chippendale furniture call for a very ornate frame. If you have a country or French country style furniture you will want to stick to something less ornate and a bit more rustic and wood. If your style is contemporary or modern go with a simple metal frame, a painted frame, or no frame at all.

Mirror Shapes

For most people either oval or rectangular shapes come to mind when they think of what shape mirror to buy. And these are both nice choices but there are many other equally nice shapes available.  Some will work better in your rooms than others.

Oval or Round

Oval and round mirrors work especially well to break up a lot of straight lines and square or rectangular furniture. They add a nice contrasting curve and give your room a more pleasing look. They tend to give any room character. Round mirrors look spectacular in contemporary, modern, and coastal style rooms. If you have a lot of rectangular-shaped windows choose a round or oval mirror for contrast. Oval shapes generally work better for Traditional styles.

Square or Rectangular

If your windows are rounded you can create a nice contrast with square or rectangular shaped mirrors or if your furniture is mostly curvy in shape choose square or rectangular mirrors. If your wall is large – a rectangular shaped mirror will use up more room than oval or round and will be a good choice.

Full length mirror 

This stylish full length mirror is great for those of us for whom space is at a premium, and let’s face it, who doesn’t need more space in this day and age? What really makes this mirror unique is the addition of storage space to the rear of the mirror which is great for use in a hallway for example where the storage space can be used for you and your guests’ outdoor wear such as hats, gloves, coats or shoes where they will be easily located and offers a great means of improving your morning routines organization. Not only will this handy mirror and storage system improve your organization but it also helps tidy unsightly coats and baggage out-of-the-way whilst still being easily accessible. Or perhaps you could use this mirror in the bedroom where the range of storage options increases significantly as you can use the added storage compartments for anything that you see fit, whether it be slippers and dressing gown, or makeup and handbags the options truly are endless and only limited by your imagination. 

The best full length dressing mirror is finished in a scratch-resistant white melamine surface to withstand the wear and tear that long-term usage in a hallway can often cause. With an impressive full body length mirror, we think this would be great in a hallway where it can store your everyday coats and shoes and allow you to check out your reflection for those last-minute adjustments to yourself before leaving the house. All in all this free standing full length mirror offers quite an elegant solution to the problem of storage space and is certainly one to consider should space be at a premium in your home

Selecting the Right Mirror Color

The today frame color can be any color or finish from basic white or black to metallic and wood finishes. Choose the color that will enhance the other colors and finishes in your room. Antique gold looks perfect with a very ornate frame.

For an Old World style room you might choose bronze, copper, gold, or a distressed paint depending on how rustic or elegant your furniture is. If you’re looking for a bathroom vanity mirror for the bath, look to your faucets and other fixtures for a clue to what color frame to buy—for instance, for chrome fixtures you can’t go wrong with a silver mirror frame.  For modern or contemporary room styles look to colors– bright to basic white or black or metal.

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